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Food & Beverage Mobile Order App FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Help

How do I get to the mobile ordering app?
Using a smart device, such as your smartphone, open the camera app, and scan the QR Code by holding the device’s camera about 6 inches away from the center of the QR Code. Hold it there for at least 2 seconds for the camera to read the information contained in the QR Code. A message bar appears toward the top of the page titled "Website QR Code." Touch anywhere on the message bar. This loads the webpage for the restaurant servicing your location.
What are the options to connect to the mobile ordering app?
You can connect using the property's wi-fi, or your phone’s cellular data or personal hotspot.
How do I connect to the property's WI-FI?
Go to your smart device's settings, wi-fi, turn on wi-fi, and under networks, select Boyd_Guest.
How do I start a mobile order?
Once you scan the QR Code, you are brought to the restaurant's mobile ordering homepage.  Select the "Start Order" button to start your order.

If the restaurant is not accepting mobile orders, instead of seeing the "Start Order" button, you will see a message stating "Outlet is not currently accepting mobile orders at this time."  Please note this does not necessarily mean the restaurant is closed.
How do I know if the restaurant received my mobile order?
Once your payment is made in the app, you receive a confirmation page on your phone's browser, and a text message with your order number.  The restaurant may also send you text messages regarding the status of your order.
I ordered and paid, but my mobile order did not go through (page says See Server), what do I do now?
If you do not receive a message page that your order was created successfully, the order failed, and your payment is not applied.  To start a new order, close the browser's current window, re-scan the QR Code, and verify the Start Order button appears.  

As an alternative, you can call the restaurant directly to place an order.
I didn’t receive an email receipt for my mobile order.
You may have typed in your email address incorrectly.  Currently, there is no way for us to resend an email receipt, but you can obtain a printed copy at the restaurant.
I didn’t receive a text message(s) regarding the status of my mobile order.
You may have typed in your phone number incorrectly.  Currently, there is no way for us to input your phone number manually.
My mobile order is taking too long. How do I find out when it will be ready?
The estimated time it will take to prepare your order is texted to the phone number you input when you created the order.  If the order is taking longer than the time that was estimated in the text message, please contact the outlet directly to inquire about its status.
I started my mobile order but did not finish it. If I want to continue the order, do I need to start over?
If you do not receive a confirmation with an order number once you have submitted your order, you will need to start over.  In general, you can pick back up where you left off if you are in the middle of ordering items but have not completed the ordering process, so long as the "session" has not timed out.
I didn’t receive something I ordered.
Please bring this to the Food Runner’s attention or call the outlet directly to notify a team member of the item that is missing.
How do I modify an item, or I can’t order an item? The "Add to Cart" button is not responding (it’s grayed out).

Once an item is selected, you can modify it by selecting an option(s) from the choice groups.  Some of these choices are "forced", such as a meat temperature when ordering a steak, and some are "optional", such as selecting "no tomato" on a sandwich that comes with tomato.  

Next to each choice category, to the right, there is a yellow caution flag in the shape of a triangle with an exclamation mark (!) that displays when the requirement to choose a modifier has not been met.  Once the requirement to choose 1 or more selections has been met, the yellow triangle turns into a green circle with a checkmark.  Once all choice categories are green, the "Add to Cart" button is available to be selected (it is no longer grayed out).  The "Add to Cart" button is not available for selection (the item cannot be ordered) until all choices are made.

How do I add notes to an item or to my mobile order?

There is no ability to add notes to an item or to the order through the app.  Please call the restaurant to place your order.

I’ve already paid. How do I add an item to my mobile order?

Rescan the QR Code, order, and pay for additional item.  Restaurant staff will deliver it when it’s ready.  If you want it brought out with your other order, please call the restaurant to notify them of your request.

How do I cancel my mobile order?

Please call the restaurant immediately to cancel.  Once items have been prepared you cannot cancel the order.

Can I text or email back a response from the text message or email that was sent to me regarding my mobile order?

2-way texting or emailing is not available.  We are unable to receive a reply from a text or email you have attempted to send us.  If you would like to talk to someone about your order, please call the restaurant directly.  

If I need help for something not listed here, what do I do? (i.e. request a refund, provide feedback about the app or the services provided)

2-way texting or emailing is not available.  We are unable to receive a reply from a text or email you have attempted to send us.

Product Q&A

Why is this here (QR Code on table)? What is it used for? Can I order using this app, or is it only for viewing the menu?

QR Codes are a convenient and contactless method for displaying a menu and ordering food and beverage items.  Each QR Code is linked to the menu for the restaurant servicing that location.

Some QR Codes in our environment simply allow you to look at the menu, and some QR Codes allow you to view the menu and place an order.  If the QR Code marketing material states "Ready to Order?", then this is a QR Code used to place an order.  If viewing the menu without ordering, please push the "Cancel Order" button when finished viewing the menu.  This will ensure the next time you scan the QR Code you will be starting a new order.

Do I need to download anything to place a mobile order?
No, there is no app from the app store to download.  This is a web-based application that uses a url to connect to the servicing location's menu (the location that prepares the food).
Is the mobile ordering website secure?
Yes, the mobile ordering website is secure.  It uses an https secure connection, which establishes an encrypted link between the browser and the destination (the host for the F&B Mobile Ordering App).
Is there a fee to use the mobile ordering app? Are there extra charges such as to go charge, delivery fee, or an automatic service charge?

There are no extra charges for using the app.  There is no convenience fee!

Any extra charges that are applied are standard for that outlet, such as an automatic service charge for room service orders, for example.

Why now?
The app is available now to provide Boyd customers the convenience of using contactless and paperless technologies.  We are currently and will continue to implement these technologies throughout our hotels, casinos, and food and beverage outlets.  Did you know you can use Google or Apple Contactless Pay at any point of sale credit card device?
Is this available at other restaurants or locations in this casino?
Possibly.  If you can use the QR Code to order, the marketing material for the QR Code will ask "Ready to Order?"  Other QR Codes that do not ask if you are ready to order are for viewing the menu only.
Can I choose the restaurant I want to order from?
Not yet, but we are working to make this convenience available to you.
Why aren’t all items on the menu at the restaurant available on the mobile ordering app? Why aren't all items on the mobile ordering app available at the restaurant?

A restaurant may or may not offer every item available in the restaurant on the mobile app.

In short, it depends on restaurant operations, product availability and feature products, and where the QR Codes are located.  Also, different offerings may encourage a dine-in versus an online ordering experience.

Can I add a tip to my mobile order? Who receives the tip? Do I have to tip?
You can choose whether or not to add a tip to your mobile order.  When you pay by credit card, a screen pops up allowing you the option to add a pre-set tip %, a tip amount (by using the slider feature), or no tip.  Tips are given to a designated food runner or shared based upon who is involved with packaging and running the order.   Tips can also be added when paying with Room Charge, but not for payments in full involving comps such as Paying with Points, Offers, or Comps.
Can I order alcohol?
If alcohol is offered on the menu for the QR Code being scanned, then yes!  Please be prepared to show ID to confirm age eligibility.
What forms of payment are available through the mobile ordering app?
Paying with a credit card is available for all restaurants through the mobile app.  You can type in your credit card information manually, or use the Google or Apple Pay options (depending on which smart device type you are using) for faster credit card payment if your mobile wallet is setup.
Is my credit card information safe?

Yes.  Your credit card information on your phone's mobile wallet is already encrypted, and when you pay, a token is assigned to that particular transaction.  If you choose to enter your credit card information manually to pay in the mobile ordering app, that information is input directly into the secure payment gateway and is not passed through or stored on any Boyd system.  A token is created and assigned to the details of that particular transaction.

Can I pick up and pay at the restaurant?

Yes, but a credit card is still required to submit an order through the mobile app.  If you change your payment method, your credit card will be issued a refund, and it will take a few days for your bank to credit your account.

How can I get a faster checkout experience on the app? Do I have to enter my information manually each time I place a mobile order?

Your phone has autofill settings that can be used to save your information and quickly populate common fields such as name, email, and phone number.

Your phone's digital wallet allows you to pay much faster than typing in your credit card information manually. 

How will a mobile order payment show on my credit card statement?

A mobile order credit card payment shows the same on your credit card statement as it does as if you were ordering at the outlet.  The name of the outlet that services the area for your QR Code is the one that appears on the credit card statement.  For example, since Farm restaurant services the Aliante Sportsbook, Farm appears on the credit card statement as the merchant name.

Can I start a tab? i.e. keep my check open, and add items as needed?

No.  Each order is closed with the payment attached to it from the mobile order.

Is the F&B mobile ordering app available at other Boyd properties?

Yes!  Please look for this especially at bowling alleys and hotel rooms at properties in Las Vegas.